Calgary & Cochrane, Alberta

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Jennilyn Robbie

Executive Coordinator

Jennilyn is the “Master Behind the Mind” or the “Brawn Behind the Brains,” or at least that’s what Gaynor says!   But don’t get us wrong, she is so brainy herself and is truly the VP of coordinating everything behind the scenes at Junction 180.  We officially call her our Executive Coordinator but she is so much more and an integral part of our team.

An extremely talented photographer, Jennilyn is the official photographer at our Reboot Wellness Camp women’s retreats. She is also a Chartered Herbalist. When she is not concocting magic ointments (email us if you want to learn more – you’ll thank us later) she is busy managing Gaynor and all of our amazing clients.

Jennilyn’s personal health journey started when she was just 13.  After years of unexplained abdominal pains she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  Influenced by a long line of natural healers in her family, she took charge of her disease through a holistic approach.  Several emergency surgeries and 28 years later, she is now supplementing her clean lifestyle with some Western medical interventions – which was not an easy decision for her. She is an inspiration as she continues to embrace a healthy lifestyle even when her body doesn’t always respond the way she wants it to.  In November 2015, she completed her first half marathon in Las Vegas.  We think she is addicted now!   She inspired Gaynor and they will do their first half marathon together in Banff in June 2016.

And last, but definitely not the least, Jennilyn is a dedicated mom, wife and friend who gets what it is like to be busy and still live a full, healthy life.

We are blessed to have her on our team!  You will see what we mean when you engage with her during your journey with us.