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Gaynor Levisky

Founder/Master Coach, Instructor & Author

Gaynor Levisky is the founder and CEO of Junction 180. She is a Master Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She is a speaker and teacher. She designs life-changing programs and speaks to audiences in ways that energize and inspire.

Take our word for it!  She is committed to teaching women how to fully show up in their lives, to stop hiding, to become empowered, and to successfully create the life they truly crave.

Gaynor’s work is radical and cutting edge but don’t let her fool you – her clients will tell you the truth – she is welcoming, humorous and inspiring.

She knows women are taught to put everyone else before themselves and she knows the price they pay with their health and happiness.  She knows because she was one of those women.

After she stopped competitively figure skating, Gaynor struggled with body image and weight issues for almost 20 years. Using life coaching tools, she ended the battle with her body and the obsession around it. She became a coach to share her story and help women fill their lives with more than just food. She is determined to help women who over-feed their bodies and underfeed their lives.

Growing kids, aging parents, growing business, health, friends, and community were all demanding her time.  She became more and more overwhelmed.  The goals she set seemed to become more and more unattainable.  She had a looming sensation that she was “running out of time.”

Instead of slowing down, she sped up and added more things to her plate.  The word “no” was not in her vocabulary.  She was too tired to think about what she truly wanted.  She stopped taking care of herself.  She knew things needed to change and she could feel the pull to begin a new journey, a new evolution.

She looked around and did not like the direction her life or business was taking.  She was disconnected.  As a life coach she asked herself, “How the hell did this happen?”

She used her own tools to explore what she truly wanted, began making shifts in her life, and is dedicated to continual growth. She knows that the journey of personal evolution never stops, and that is the best kind of news!

Gaynor passionately – and yes, she is full of passion for what she does – created Junction 180 to help women navigate life’s twists and turns and handle the pace of the modern life without spinning out of control.

She is grounded and empowering but most importantly, she gets the real life issues that women face.  She is a dedicated, busy but calm (yep, we said it), business woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

Gaynor is a leading coach in her field. She trained with the most respected and well-known life coaches in the industry. She worked in Corporate Learning and Development for 15 years before moving to the Health and Wellness field. She has been coaching individuals for the last 10 years with thousands of hours of experience. She hosts retreats, speaking events, and works with organizations across Canada and the United States. Whether in an organization or at an event, Gaynor will take individuals on a journey to find simplicity and fulfillment in their lives.

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