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In today’s modern fast paced business world, corporate wellness is more important than ever! At Junction 180, it is our mission to shift the way organizations think about corporate wellness. We work to revolutionize the workplace without negatively impacting the bottom line.

The biggest misconception is employee wellness programs are unaffordable. We show organizations how corporate wellness is actually a cost reduction plan. Healthy employees save companies in big ways, but the real win is for the employees. They want to work for you, they love their jobs, and they thrive in the workplace. Bottom line, the financial health of your organization depends on the physical and emotional health of your employees.

Some of Gaynor’s most popular Lunch and Learns include:

  • Reduce Daily Stress
  • Understanding the Connection between Food and Mood
  • The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Work Life
  • The Only Thing Constant is Change
  • Health and Happiness Over the Holiday Season
  • A New Year, A New Resolution

If you are an overwhelmed and overworked professional who would love to see your company invest in corporate wellness to revolutionize the workplace then connect with us to learn more about bringing our new workplace wellness program Shift into your company.

To learn more about bringing Gaynor into your organization, please send an email to info@junction180.com and we will be in touch soon!