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Gaynor’s stellar reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to engage audiences with topics that are relevant to real life. Her story-telling approach is full of honesty and humour. She inspires her audience and provides cutting edge tools and techniques they can apply to their lives immediately. Whether in your organization or at a conference, hearing Gaynor speak is life-changing.

Sometimes you need a strong guide in your corner to see what you might not see, to inspire you to stop hiding and start living the life you truly want. Gaynor helps you explore your current situation to first gain clarity. Then, with laser focus, she motivates you to make the necessary shifts on your journey and evolve into the best version of yourself.

Small groups who spend time with Gaynor over the course of a few days at her retreats, or a few months in her programs, have their lives changed forever. She will teach you how to shift your perspective so radically that you look at yourself, your body and your life in an entirely different way. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with Gaynor in this inspiring way!

If you are interested in hearing Gaynor speak, or bringing her into one of your events, connect with us!

What We Can Do To Help You


Slow Down

Life moves pretty quickly these days! Time flies and you are always busy. You constantly feel like you are running out of time. You panic and try to do things faster because the faster you go the more stuff gets done, right? You know that running at record speeds is a recipe for burnout, yet you accept it as the normal pace of a modern life.

Unplug & Connect

“Too busy” and “completely overwhelmed” are modern mantras creating unhealthy patterns of living. In the wake of busyness, we are creating an epidemic of stressed out disconnected people. We know you are doing the best you can – balancing your career, your family, your health and much more. But it’s not enough, you want more meaning and connection.

Rest & Relax

You try to get it all done but your list just keeps getting longer. You eat too much while at the same time you don’t exercise enough. You snap at those you love. You feel guilty and overwhelmed all the time. You are craving alone time to unwind. You are physically and emotionally exhausted. You want things to be different but don’t where to begin.

I was living that life

My name is Gaynor, I am the founder of Junction 180. I want you to know that you can be productive, calm, healthy, happy, and connected to the full range of experiences life has to offer. I learned to slow down and still get things done, to unplug and connect to what is important. I learned to rest and relax. And I can teach you how to do it, too.

At Junction 180, we help busy overwhelmed individuals just like you reconnect to themselves – to their dreams, their health, their relationships, and their lives. We take the difficulty out of overwhelmed, simplify busyness and show you how to handle the pace of a modern life. Because we know that life is better balanced.


Are you a busy professional who wants to live a well-balanced meaningful life?

Our Team

Explore your mind and uncover what you are truly craving. Shift your thinking and
create the life you want. Evolve into the next best version of yourself.
Work with us, it will change your life!


Gaynor Levisky

Founder/Author/Master Coach and Instructor

Gaynor Levisky is the founder and CEO of Junction 180. She is a Master Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She is a speaker and teacher. She designs life-changing programs and speaks to audiences in ways that energize and inspire. Basically she rocks lives, we know because she has rocked ours more than a few times. Take our word for it! She is committed to teaching women how to fully show up in their lives, to stop hiding, to become empowered, and to successfully create the life they truly crave. Gaynor’s work is radical and cutting edge but don’t let her fool you - her clients will tell you the truth - she is welcoming, humorous and inspiring.