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The Dreaded Diet Journal

Keeping a journal is a big hurdle for clients who want to lose weight. Traditional they use journaling to determine if they are doing good or doing bad on their diet.

We are not traditional. We do not let clients journal like that. Ever!

The bottom line truth is this – if you want to permanently lose weight it’s time to get out the pen and paper. Journaling is critical on your weight loss journey because it provides the greatest awareness and insight. And awareness, not judgement, is what you need to gain insight into your behaviours around eating.

We don’t ask clients to journal so we can watch what they are eating from a “big brother” point of view. We do it to see patterns from both a nutritional perspective and a behavioural perspective. Those patterns allow us to see on what is going on behind the “paper”.

Ask yourself this question (which I absolutely love by the way), could you journal everyday until you lost the weight if $100,000,000 was on the line? If you answered yes, then why don’t you do it for your health? Isn’t your health worth more than a $100,000,000?!

Journaling is an investment in yourself to really get to the root issues that need to be addressed in order to lose weight forever.

We ask clients to journal the time they eat, what they eat, how hungry they were before and after they eat, and why they were eating (hint: it can be for reasons other than hunger).

But the real key is to journal without judgement and from a place of curiosity. This is where the magic of learning and awareness happens.

Once you make the time and investment to journal, you will learn. A lot. About how and why you eat. It makes all the difference.

Journal for the health of it.
– Gaynor Levisky, Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach