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Do you feel like there is never enough time? Do you put yourself on the side-line of your own life? We work with professional individuals, just like you, who have lost themselves in the busyness of a modern life learn to live a well-balanced life.

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Are you struggling to lose weight? We will help you to understand why you over feed your body and explore what you are truly hungry for. Simply put we teach smart individuals, just like you, how to lose weight permanently and begin living a well- nourished life.

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It is our mission to shift the way organizations think about corporate wellness and revolutionize the workplace without negatively impacting the bottom line. The real bottom line - the financial health of your organization depends on the physical and emotional health of your employees.

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Our expert team takes you through life changing outdoor wellness experiences in awe- inspiring locations. You receive empowering life coaching, motivating fitness, restorative yoga, and much more. It is time to unplug and focus on you - reboot and reenergize your body and your life.

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When was the last time you took time to explore what matters most to you? Take control of your time and build the life you truly desire. This is your life, your stage! We help you figure out what you truly crave so you can have it in your life not just in your dreams.


Did you know that stress is now the biggest cause of death on the planet? Lowering stress levels is key to overall health and wellness. We help you make a fundamental shift in the way you think so you can get busy living a healthy, happy and well-paced modern life.


Have you wondered why you resist change even when you know it’s the best thing for you? Evolution is born from wanting but we know making the change is not easy - it is uncomfortable and scary. We teach you how to look fear in the face, overcome obstacles, reach your goals and evolve anyway.


Working with a life coach is an amazing journey to take if you are feeling stuck in your life, if you struggle to find balance - whatever that ends up being for you, if you are stressed out and exhausted from the hamster wheel of life, or if you know you want change but are not exactly sure how to go about it.
Are you ready to see where your journey can take you?


Empowerment is about taking personal responsibility for writing the inspiring story of your life.


Unplug from distracted busyness and then you will be able to plug back into what is truly important.


Focus on your own health and wellness while staying calm in the midst of a full life.


We guide you so you feel balanced, well-rested and productive.

What People are Saying

“Meeting Gaynor changed my life in an instant. She has such good energy, and I knew immediately I could trust her. We talked about what I have uncovered, and how I knew that only I was holding myself back. Talking things through with Gaynor really opened my eyes to a whole new image of the persons that I could be, if I just let myself. Gaynor armed me with the tools so I could start to make the changes. I left the appointment feeling like a door to a wonderful world had been opened. I am committed to working through this and by doing that I know that I will find my ultimate life, the life I was meant to live.”


Calgary AB

“Gaynor is one of those people you’d want to hire as a coach even if she weren’t a coach. Happily, she is one - a highly skilled and incisive one, at that. Her enthusiasm and her energy will buoy you up, her ability to analyze problems will calm you down, and her sense of humour will keep you laughing the entire time. Take advantage of her clear mind and joyful heart. Anyone who needs a great coach deserves Gaynor.”

Dr. Martha Beck Ph.D

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Life Coach

“Working with Gaynor gave me all the right tools to be successful in my weight loss journey. I feel very strongly that by working with you, it enabled me to move forward from the place I was stuck; to move forward into creating a better life and mindset, thus creating a better me. The result is that I am feeling great and more energetic” Danelle, Calgary AB


Calgary AB


You are at a junction in your life.
You want to go in a different direction but don’t know how.
Whatever you want more of in your life, we can help.

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